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Cheap Lake Erie fishing Charters

A Day on the Sara-J include

Rods • Reels • Bait • Experience

We are not the cheapest fishing charter on Lake Erie.
Trying to compare Sara-J to other is like comparing apples to oranges. The average used charter boat is worth $25, 000 -
3 of our King Cats are $450, 000 Plus Gear.

Twin hull vessels offer a much more stable ride in
ALL kinds of weather which equals a more pleasant day for all!

Sara-J has the biggest, most stable, nicest, fastest boats on Lake Erie.

CALL TO BOOK your Charter


Steelhead • Walleye • Bass • Perch

Cast early spring / Troll summer

$115 X 6 People = $685 for 4 Hours (3:00 p.m.)

$131 X 6 people = $785 for 6 Hours (3:00 p.m.)
$150 X 6 People = $900 for 8 Hours (5:45 a.m.)

$150 Each Walk-on Special for 2 People* (4 hours)

$300 Each for 2 People* (8 hours)
(*Prearranged. Call for Details)

Gift Ceritificates - Any Amount, Any Occassion

Christmas • Birthdays • Father's Day • Bachelor Parties • Vacation Planning

Executive Packages are available which include

Food & Fishing Cleaning

All charters require a deposit of $100 cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express
(10% convenience charge for credit cards)

Then Mail To: Captain Gary Carpenter
6861 Chadbourne Dr
Valley View, OH 44125

CALL TO BOOK your Charter


Double Your Money Back Guarantee!*

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