Perch Fishing Lake Erie Reports

The Lake Erie Committee consists of senior staff members from the Michigan, New York, Ohio, Ontario, and Pennsylvania agencies administering their respective fisheries. The Committee's purposes are to:

  • consider issues pertinent to, or referred by, the Great Lakes Fishery Commission;
  • consider issues and problems of common concern to member agencies;
  • develop and coordinate joint programs and research projects; and
  • serve as a forum for state, provincial, tribal, and federal agencies.

For deliberations of this committee, Lake Erie shall be considered to include all of Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair, the St. Clair River, the Detroit River, and the Niagara River downstream to Niagara Falls and, to the extent that they affect fish stocks of common concern, its bays, harbors, and tributaries. Decisions will be reached by consensus of the membership. When consensus cannot be achieved, the consensus of all agencies shall be described in the Committee's report to the Commission.


Brian Locke, ON Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Chair
Don Einhouse, NY State Dept. of Env. Conservation
Jason Detar, PA Fish and Boat Commission
Jim Francis, MI Dept. of Natural Resources
Travis Hartman, OH Dept. of Natural Resources

Publications and Products

Press Releases
  • : Lake Erie Committee Recommends 2015 Yellow Perch and Walleye Catch Levels
  • : Lake Erie Committee Recommends 2014 Yellow Perch and Walleye Catch Levels
  • : 2013 Walleye and Yellow Perch Catch Levels Recommended for Lake Erie
  • : Binational panel recommends Lake Erie yellow perch and walleye catch limits for 2012
  • : Lake Erie Committee Takes Action to Protect Lake Erie Walleye
  • : International Committee Taking Action to Protect Lake Erie Walleye
  • : Lake Erie Committee Cautious About Walleye For 2000
  • : Landmark Great Lakes Fisheries Management Plan to be Signed in Ottawa (News Release)
  • U.S. Members Announce Slight Increase in 1996 Fish Quotas; Committee Notes Significant Changes in Lake Erie Fishery Productivity
  • Lake Erie Committee: Lake Erie Yellow Perch Improving (News Release)
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