Fishing on the Columbia River

Regional Fishing Reports

image003NEW Resolution Passed (Sec. 404.3): NO SMOKING on EBRPD property, including all piers, parks & trails.

ATTENTION BOATERS - Mandatory Boat Inspections
(including motorboats, rowboats, kayaks, canoes and float tubes)
To prevent invasive Zebra and Quagga mussel infestation,
the East Bay Regional Park District is performing mandatory boat inspections.
All watercraft must be "clean and dry" to pass inspection.
Standing water or water from the motor being lowered means the craft will fail inspection.
Failing inspection means the craft will not be allowed to launch,
AND results in a 5-day quarantine period before another inspection.

Boat inspections are performed at the following lakes:
Lake Chabot, Del Valle, Quarry Lakes, Contra Loma.

Mandatory personal watercraft inspections will be required at
Shadow Cliffs starting October 1st, 2016.

We have a banding program for clean boats.
Intact bands will expedite launching at the above lakes.
There are no bands or inspections at Shadow Cliffs.
For more information, visit our invasive mussel program page or call 888-EBPARKS.

Fish Planting Information

The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) plants rainbow trout and channel catfish up to 6+ pounds each.
The California Department of Fish & Wildlife (DF&W) plants trout averaging over ½ pound each.
Note: Plants are subject to change due to weather conditions.

Water / Week EBRPD Rainbow Trout (lbs) DF&G Rainbow Trout (lbs) EBRPD Channel Catfish (lbs) DF&G Channel Catfish (lbs)
Shinn Pond
Jordan Pond

Attention Anglers

  1. DO NOT LET YOUR DOG EAT OR LICK RAW TROUT/SALMON. They may be infected with a parasitic disease which can be fatal to your pet. For more information call Fisheries Manager Joe Sullivan at (510) 544-2329.
  2. EBRPD recommends all bass be released. Please do not remove tags from released bass. Record the tag number, length, and weight of the fish to include in your catch report.
  3. Please report your catches and turn in all retrieved tags from kept bass to the marina or kiosk attendant. Length and weight (if possible), location and date would be helpful also
  4. Please remember to clean up any fouled line and bait containers. Wildlife can be injured or killed by fishing line!! Please use the special fishing line disposal tubes at Del Valle, Lake Chabot, Quarry Lakes and Shadow Cliffs. Recycling your broken fishing monofilament helps protect wildlife.
  5. All park hours are 6am to 7pm unless otherwise posted.

General Activity

OPEN Seven Days a Week
7am – 6pm; all water crafts must be off the lake by 5pm.

NOTICE: As of January 11, the main park will be closed until further notice due to flood related issues. Visitors may still park in the arroyo area and outside on mines road if they want to walk in. There are no facilities open; visitors entering the park do so at their own risk.

No report.
No catfish catches reported.
No trout catches reported.
No bass catches reported.

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