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Seneca Lake Ohio Fishing Report

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Seneca Lake out of Watkins Glen 2/28

Decided to check out Seneca Lake today with my buddy Terry. We brought tackle for salmon/trout, pike and lake trout jigging. I had pike and trout/salmon fly-gear in tow but never broke it out. This time of year there are usually a bunch of boats out targeting perch. I saw maybe one. A local told us that perch fishing wasn't worth it. Trout and salmon action has been slow by some accounts though I know someone who has had fair to very good fishing from shore at times this winter. There are decent numbers of landlocked salmon and brown trout available on Seneca Lake. It doesn't come close to what Cayuga has been producing, but if you live around Watkins Glen or further west, it may be worth a try on occasion - especially if you don't like fishing around other anglers or the extra drivetime to Cayuga.

We spent most of the day (which started at 10:45 am and went till around 4:15 pm) targeting trout and salmon with spinning gear. I had a few follows from some salmon including one nice one (over 20".) Terry got clocked at least once on a hair jig. I cast stickbaits. I connected with some silver in one area and we netted a chunky brown over 16" that I kept. It did have two lamprey scars on it - one fresh and one healed. That was it. We did see some fish below our lures. So the salmon numbers are fair. A year or two ago we saw next to nothing! So it's better than it was then (take this with a grain of salt given that this was our first time out in a boat there this season.)

We checked out a lake trout area and I marked a fair number of fish. Fewer than past years, but it wasn't terrible. No hits. The conditions weren't great for laker jigging. We tried a couple areas for pike kind of quickly as the day wound down and did not encounter any fish. Water temp on top was around 39 to 41. Lake level was low but still good for launching. I can't argue with 62 degree air temps on the last day of February!

Cayuga Lake 2/22 - 24

I never thought I'd see t-shirt weather here in the Finger Lakes Region on February 24th, but my car thermometer got up to 77 degrees today! As long as we don't hit 115 degrees this summer, I'll take this warm weather on occasion. After all, there's nothing I can do about it.

Fly-fishing and gear-casting for landlocked salmon, brown trout and occasional lakers has been very good thus far this winter. Action picked up for us over the past few days. Water temps were around 39 on Wednesday (and on last Sunday) and hit over 41 degrees today. I'm sure we'll be in for more winter weather sooner or later - certainly in March.

2/22: Got out with my friend Silene for around 5 hours of fishing. I cast flies and she worked gear. She hadn't had any luck last time we were out but her luck changed today. We had some very good fishing for a couple hours with us landing 7 decent fish - 2 browns (one around 16" and one at 18" - though very fat) and 5 salmon up to just under 22" (basically 21.5".) We kept her nicer brown and two salmon that had lamprey hits on them. Great fun. She caught most of the fish today, which was great to see. My fish came on my Bionic Smelt fly and an intermediate line and hers came on a stickbait and a tube jig.

2/23: Got out with my buddy Terry for around 5 hours of fishing. I went with my fly-tackle most of the day and he went with spinning gear. We had terrific action with us having a lot of follows but also landing some hard fighting fish. I landed a 24" salmon and a couple smaller ones (nice to see some dinks around.) Terry landed a 19" salmon plus a super hard fighting brown that went 24". It was as fat as any I've ever seen. I'd bet it weighed 7lbs. Certainly over 6 for sure. We released everything today. Had a lot of follows too. One laker hookup shallow as well.

2/24: I had an email from Tracee who was in the region looking for a fishing date for her and her husband Harry. She read my reports and thought perhaps the fishing was slow, given that the past weekend's fly-fishing trips only resulted in a couple browns (though me and my friend Jeff did well on lakers.) I let her know that we were fly-fishing for the most part and it does have its limitations. I rarely expect to catch as many fish as a gear guy or a troller. So she was reassured...

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