Fishing at stonewall jackson

Stonewall Jackson Lake Fishing Report

fishing at stonewall jackson lakeThe 2600 acre Stonewall Jackson Lake is listed as one of the top West Virginia waters for Muskellunge and Crappie according to the Charleston Gazette. Also, the lake is one of the best bass fishing lakes in West Virginia. We’d love to see your catch. Click here to submit your pictures to us!

See West Virginia Fishing Regulations for daily creel limits and sizes. For more information contact West Virginia Division of Natural Resources District 3 Office at 304.924.6211.

Good all season long. Best Time: Spring and early summer (April, May and June) when water temperature is about 55-65 degrees. Spawning occurs in about 2-4 feet of water when water temperature hits 60 degrees. Fish for Bass in 4-10 feet of water, standing timber, shore line rip rap(large rocks), and drop offs in the lake bottom. Favorite baits are spinner baits, plastic baits and top water plugs. Stonewall Jackson Lake is the number one bass fishing lake in the state for ten years. Catch and release regulations on all Black Bass in this lake(Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass).

Good all season long. Best Time: In the spring when the water temperature is between 50-60 degrees. Crappie will move to shallow flats to spawn at about 60 degrees. The rest of the year they can be found around standing timber and bridge abutments in about 8-15 feet of water. Favorite baits are live bait with bobber, small jigs and small spinners.

Good all season long. Best Time: Spring and summer. Bluegills spawn in 1-6 feet of water when water temperature hits 70 degrees. They can be found the rest of the year around standing timber and shallow coves. Favorite baits are live bait under bobber, small jigs and small spinners.

Good all season long. Best Time: Spring and summer. They can be caught in the same are as Bluegill and Crappie. Favorite baits are minnows on lead jig heads and bottom minnow rigs.

Good all year long. Best Time: Summer. Catfish are primarily bottom feeders and are found in shallow coves though out the lake. Favorite baits are chicken liver, night crawlers, oatmeal and prepared baits. They are on the bottom in 4-15 feet of water in the evenings and at night.

Good all season long. Hybird cross between a walleye and sauger. Best Time: Early spring when water temperature is between 40-50 degrees. Try around rocky and sudden drop offs. Favorite baits are jigs tipped with minnows or worms and bottom bouncing rigs with night crawlers, slender jerk baits and small crank baits.

Good all season long. Best Time: Early spring and summer. Among North America’s largest fresh water fish and it is found right here in Stonewall Jackson Lake. Try upper end tributaries of the lake in spring when fish are spawning. In the summer try main lake. Musky lurk in places where they can ambush forage fish (shallow coves and standing timber). Favorite baits are casting shallow running plugs, spinners and trolling large deep diving plugs.

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