Chautauqua Lake ice fishing

Walleye fishing has had a fantastic start. Most anglers are fishing at Long Point. Vertical jigging Rapalas, Moonshine lures, and P-Line spoons are the top choices, with or without minnows. Some Muskie and suspended Calicos are also being caught. The only accessible ice on the north end is at Long Point.

Perch fishing has only been fair so far, with the north end of the lake still open. It will improve when ice conditions are right. Bur...tis Bay has been slow for Calico and Perch, but some nice Bluegills are being caught. Wax Worms are the best choice for Bluegills.

Ice conditions are deteriorating due to the rain the past two days. However the cold is coming and conditions should improve by next week. All anglers should refrain from trying out the north end, including Long Point, at this time. The south end of the lake has good ice conditions despite being wet on top. About 5 to 7 inches thick. Avoid creek mouths while venturing out.

Some good fishing has been happening at Redhouse and Quaker. Mainly Trout, Pike, and Gills are being caught. Findley Lake has some fair ice conditions. Same as Bull Dam.

Some Steelhead are being caught at Chautauqua and Canadaway Creeks on Lake Erie. However, the rain that has been happening will most likely slow that down.

No reports on the Bell Tower, Mayville, Dewittville, or Maple Springs due to the bad ice conditions. Few reports due to the small numbers of anglers. Fishing has been slow so far. Still waiting for better ice conditions.

Several limits of Walleye are being produced. 2-10 pounds with numerous undersized fish as well. The Calicos are in the holes, sometimes suspended up to 10 feet.

The hot lures are: Black/Silver Rapala, Perch colored UV Rapala, Perch colored GYP 5s and 7s, Moonshine Glow Holo 1s and 2s, PK spoons, P-Line Holo spoons.

Bait situation: Emerald Shiners, Fat Heads, Small Golden Shiners, and Pike Bait. We also have Wax Worms, Spikes, and Mealworms.

We have some new gear on it's way!! It should be here in the next week or two. Stop in and check it out!!

Call Skip for more day-to-day information. He is usually in between 8 and 2. Ask him about special deals on ice shacks and augers. We also have a 40% off sale going on for all summer season gear.

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