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Where is Indian Lake Ohio?


Old Field Beach

Twelve hundred feet of beautiful sand marks Old Field Beach.

Shelter houses at Old Field Beach feature modern facilities including water fountains and flush toilets. They can be reserved for parties. Visit

Old Field Beach also has two picnic shelters, and two jettys excellent for fishing.

To celebrate Independence Day, Old Field Beach is the site of an excellent fireworks display sponsored by the Indian Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. See the Events Calendar for the fireworks display date.

Found one mile north of Lakeview on State Route 235, This beach is certainly a worthwhile stop.

Fox Island Beach

Fox Island beach is near the village of Russell’s Point on Orchard Island Road. Shady trees outlining this beach provide needed relief near picnic areas and the shelter house. Flush toilets are also available here.

Boat Swim Areas

There are three areas at Indian Lake where boats can anchor and enjoy sand bottoms for swimming. Boaters can swim from their boats adjacent to Old Field beach at Hermit Island and at the Walnut Islands. The three areas are marked on the boating map.


Since the late 1980s, state and locally operated beaches throughout the United States and Canada have experienced increasingly severe lifeguard shortages. In fact, two-thirds of the nation’s state park beaches are unguarded. Ohio joins more than 20 states that guard some, but not all beaches. More than 20 other states have chosen not to staff state park beaches at all.

shelterThe difficulty of recruiting and retaining certified lifeguards to staff Ohio State Park beaches is not a new problem for our state parks, nor is it unique. Community pools, metroparks, and other outdoor recreation facilities in Ohio have experienced the same problem that we have been facing.

Each year since the mid-1990s, a growing number of our parks have found it necessary to reduce or eliminate lifeguard staffing as it became increasingly difficult to recruit and retain adequate numbers of qualified candidates. As a result, Ohio State Parks decided to staff only the most popular Lake Erie beaches and the beach at Alum Creek State Park, near Columbus. The decision not to staff some state park beaches was not a budgetary decision.

Ohio State Park beaches have proven to be safe places to swim and enjoy the sun.
Ohio has approximately four million visitors at its state park beaches each summer.

Ohio State Parks began the Swim Safe campaign in 2000, helping to raise awareness of beach visitors to the need for vigilance and a sense of personal responsibility for themselves and their children. The campaign continues this year and park managers have received favorable comments from visitors.

Lake Swimming Safely Tips
  1. Always swim with a buddy in a supervised area.
  2. Look before you leap
  3. Swim in the open where you can be seen, not under pontoon boats or rafts.
Source: indianlake.com
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