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House for rent Lake County Ohio

The community of Willoughby allows residents to enjoy the amenities that come with living in a metro, with the beauty of living in a rural area. Homes for rent outside of the downtown area are either located in tight-knit neighborhoods or in the open land. The diverse range of properties available allows those looking to move to the area a lot of choice. Willoughby is located in Lake County and is considered to be a suburb of Cleveland. The smaller metro is about 19 miles northeast of Cleveland along Interstate 90 and Route 2.

3 Facts About Willoughby

  • "A Stop at Willoughby, " named after the town, is an episode of the popular science fiction show "The Twilight Zone."
  • Willoughby was first settled by David Abbott in 1798. He built the first gristmill in the Connecticut Western Reserve on the Chagrin River.
  • The community of Willoughby is served by two high schools: Willoughby South High School and Willoughby-Eastlake Technical Center. There's also a private school option located within the city: Andrews Osborne Academy.

Informational Resources for Willoughby Renters

  • Willoughby's official city website is an important resource for locals who want to stay abreast of all the local events happening in the area. The website also contains links to many of the area services and municipalities and contact information.

What to Do in and Around Willoughby

Willoughby residents have access to a thriving downtown community that features locally owned businesses and nearby chains. So, whether an individual needs to run errands or enjoy some retail therapy, he or she don't have to go far.

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