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Scioto River Fishing Report

fish-in-dublinFishing is permitted and encouraged in all City of Dublin ponds. A fishing license is not required. Licenses are required when fishing in the Scioto River or its direct tributaries.

Types of Fish You May Find:

  • Bluegill – Powerful for its size and good tasting
  • Channel catfish – A strong fighting, bottom feeding fish
  • Largemouth bass – Perfect to catch and release, as they’re not known for their taste

Be prepared for a surprise. While those are the species known to be in Dublin ponds, you never know what you may hook into.


  • Leave the area in better shape than you found it. Fishing line and trash can harm the environment you are here to enjoy.
  • Appreciate the sounds of nature by keeping noise to a minimum. Being quiet will also increase your chances of catching the big one!
  • Consider removing all but one hook on artificial bait. Multiple hooks increase the chances of unintentionally harming the fish.
  • Carefully catch and release the fish you aren’t going to eat.
  • Respect others’ space.

Dublin has 67 ponds, all stocked with fish, thanks to the City periodically stocking the ponds and robust natural reproduction.

Fishing for Kids

Introducing children to fishing can be a rewarding experience. To ensure a positive experience, here are some simple tips to keep in mind:

  • Have fun. Seeing your child enjoy reeling in their first fish is rewarding. (Take pictures!)
  • Target areas with a high likelihood of success. Most kids are satisfied catching lots of smaller fish such as bluegills rather than catching fewer, bigger fish such as bass. Catching a few fish on the first few outings will peak children’s interest and make them look forward to the next trip.
  • Use live bait to increase the chance of catching a fish. Live bait is also more interesting for children.
  • Pick a place that is easy to get to, comfortable and safe.
  • Bring snacks, sunscreen, insect repellent and first aid basics. This will make your trip comfortable for everyone.
  • Provide them with simple tackle in working order. Nothing can be more discouraging to a child than complicated equipment or equipment that doesn’t work. Consider giving the child their own fishing outfit. This gesture is practical because short rods are easier for kids to handle.
  • Above all else, have patience. You will be unsnagging lines, baiting hooks and landing fish for them often. On your fishing trips with youngsters, they will get dirty, fall down or even get a little wet. By taking time to introduce children to fishing, you may end up with a fishing buddy for life.

*Courtesy ODNR –


  • It is unlawful to buy or sell any fish taken by sport fishing, including angling, bankline, setline, floatline, and trotline, from any water area in the state.
  • It is unlawful to transport and introduce any aquatic species (fish, invertebrate, plant) from one body of water to another.
  • It is unlawful for the public to tag and release fish into any public water area.
  • It is unlawful for any person to possess a fish in any form or condition other than whole while on or when unloading the fish from a boat, while wading, or while fishing from shore on any waters in this state where a fishing license is required.
Source: dublinohiousa.gov
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