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- "Until she was in the seventh grade, Colleen Carney lived on an isolated island (permanent population 40) in Lake Erie. Middle Bass Island had a one-room schoolhouse with eight students in first through eighth grades. 'I had a lot of time to read, but not a lot of books, ' said Carney". Now, she's director of the York County, South Carolina Library system. York County, SC is just south of Charlotte, NC. - Charlotte Observer. December 9, 2007

- Jim Siemer, whose family has a cottage on Middle Bass, has painted many watercolors celebrating life along Lake Erie's coast and its islands. He will have several Put-in-Bay, Marblehead and Middle Bass Island paintings on display at Distinct Ohio Creations, 136 Madison St., Port Clinton. His works can be viewed . - Port Clinton News Herald, December 6, 2007

New Crystal Cave Article in a Magazine for Young Readers - The Nov., 2007 edition of CRICKET Magazine, which is for young readers ages 9 to 14, discusses the history of Crystal Cave at length in an article with the title "A Room Full of Crystals". The article also discusses two other caves in Almeria, Spain and Chihuahua, Mexico. The magazine can be bought here if you click on the link to "Back Issues Archives" at the bottom of the page. - December 3, 2007

Construction of a new marina that will have dock space for 340 boats won't be enough to develop a local tourism economy, and state officials need to do more, island residents and local officials said. - Coshocton Tribune, Oct. 29, 2007. Also in the Port Clinton News Herald here. - Nov. 28, 2007

- If Middle Bass Island residents do not volunteer to man the polls during the next election, they will vote on neighboring South Bass Island, officials said. The board has been unable to find Middle Bass residents to volunteer for their precinct. Also see the longer article from Nov. 21. - Port Clinton News Herald, November 20, 2007 and Nov. 21, 2007

- Kimberley Gadd, 48, is being held in the Ottawa County Detention Facility on two felony counts of burglary and one misdemeanor count each of receiving stolen property and theft. Gadd is charged with breaking into two Middle Bass Island homes last month and stealing items. - Port Clinton News Herald, November 17, 2007. Posted November 18, 2007

Islanders upset over marina dredging. Middle Bass residents worry scooped-up silt could contaminate groundwater.- According to the article, dredging the marina requires depositing "soil on four Middle Bass sites, some of which are near homes". The 2-4 foot dirt piles will cause drainage problems. "Dave Kieffer, project manager for ODNR said 'We believe that surface drainage will be redirected off our property without any problems to neighboring properties.'" Well, where I live, surface drainage redirected to a neighboring property almost invariably leads to some erosion, and eroding a neighbor's property is illegal under state law. Sandusky Register, November 14, 2007. Posted November 18, 2007

- From the article: "Ed Gudenas: We certainly support Mayor Cervenik ... but there's a big group of residents that are very disappointed. Looking dejected, Gudenas said he wants to work more on his business and doesn't plan to seek another seat on council after his term ends next year." For comments from some Middle Bass residents who wanted Ed to win. Ed Gudenas is the developer of St. Hazard's Resort on Middle Bass Island. Posted November 18, 2007

PIB students show Panther Pride - The Panther Pride community service program at Put-in-Bay schools is off to a great start. Some students have been earning their service hours by being a runner for the Middle Bass Town Hall fundraiser and assisting at the garage sale for Nature Camp. - Port Clinton News Herald, November 8, 2007. Posted November 18, 2007

Election Results - Middle Bass Island - Kathryn Schneider and Lawrence Sheller were write-in candidates. No totals are available. North Bass Island - Ruth Ann Stonerook was a write-in candidate. No totals are available. Port Clinton News Herald, November 7, 2007. Posted November 18, 2007

Voter turnout was lower than expected - A private boat scheduled to carry ballots from Middle Bass and South Bass islands precincts to the mainland could not run because of weather conditions, So the results were phoned in. A poll worker who volunteered to work on Middle Bass Island also had to spend Tuesday night there. - Port Clinton News Herald, November 7, 2007. Posted November 18, 2007

Lots of Labor Day Weekend (and Later) Pictures

- A 340-slip marina is under construction and scheduled to open for the 2009 boating season, but local officials and islanders are troubled that the state has no further plans to develop Middle Bass State Park. - Cleveland Plain Dealer, October 28, 2007

Kathleen Gatto had been arrested on Aug. 5, 2006 after George Weisenbach of Middle Bass asked police to file a complaint against her for coarsely abusive language. She was convicted and fined , but her conviction was recently reversed on appeal. You can read the entire Sept. 7, 2007 decision here. - October 20, 2007

Scott Speer, an Akron-area man charged with killing his best friend by pushing him off a boat in August 2002, will stand trial next week. Speer is charged with shoving James Barnett, 34, of Akron, into Lake Erie near Mouse Island. Also see Court TV news links, some with video, below. - October 12, 2007, Oct. 17, Court TV Oct. 17, Court TV Oct. 18

- Council members approved a motion donating the truck to the other department, after having received a letter stating the Middle Bass Island department would not hold Port Clinton liable for anything which might happen after it is received. - October 10, 2007

Its sewage treatment facility has repeatedly clogged and overflowed. Some of the mobile homes where the resort staff lived had holes in the roofs and walls, allowing bugs and rodents to crawl in and out. And in August health inspectors shut down the hot tub. Cleveland Plain Dealer, - Originally published around 10AM. Link updated to point to a different version of the story at 3:45PM - October 10, 2007

- The renovation of the Middle Bass Island State Park Marina, which will include all of the former Lonz Marina, Roesch's Marina and Middle Bass Island Yacht Club areas when it is completed, has started. - October 7, 2007

The first person to identify the picture wins a signed copy of "Lonz of Middle Bass". And there may be a second prize. Click on the above link for details. - September 26, 2007

- The house was burned by the Middle Bass and Put-in-Bay volunteer fire departments on Sept. 8. - September 25, 2007

- The Coast Guard suspended its search yesterday afternoon for two fishermen from the Wooster, Ohio, area who are missing near Kelleys Island and is investigating whether debris found lodged in a tug-and-barge is from their fishing boat, spokesmen said. - Toledo Blade, September 6, 2007

- U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Robert K. Lanier said a man's body was recovered about 8:18 p.m. Tuesday, 700 yards off the eastern shore of Kelleys Island, in 18-20 feet of water. The body was identified as that of Jeff Hutchison. - Sandusky Register, September 5, 2007. There's a 2nd Sandusky article with a good video. Also see the earlier article and the Toledo Blade article . None of the island airports are legal for night flights. - September 5, 2007

- MIDDLE BASS Island Yacht Club was the place to be Saturday for the annual meeting, pig roast, dinghy poker run, and a wake in honor of the closing of Middle Bass parks until spring, 2009. - Toledo Blade, September 3, 2007
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