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Ohio Cabins rentals Port Clinton

Once in the vacation rental program, Lake Erie Vacation Rentals, Inc. (LEVR) sends a homeowner relations representative to each home to record the details of each unit. Each LEVR vacation rental home is carefully evaluated based on quality, condition, appearance, and amenities. Based on the level of standards for each property, it is then categorized as: (L)uxury, (A)lluring, (K)ozy, (E)conomy ... get it L.A.K.E.! These ratings are used to communicate the relative quality and condition of the interior of each unit.

How will my unit be rented in comparison to other units?

Guests' needs and preferences are the primary criteria in determining where to place the guest. Location and access to a hot tub, pool or beach are the most common requests. Within a given room type (such as one, two, three and/or four bedrooms), LEVR will allocate rentals on a rotating basis, to equalize condominium revenue among comparable units.

What does my unit rating mean?

All units are rated on a range from Economy to Luxury, and signal to the guest what kind of amenities and décor they can expect inside a unit. Higher-rated units (Luxury and Alluring) have much higher room-revenue potential. However, Kozy and Economy units are sometimes rented more often because of the cost savings to consumers, and thus produce significant revenue through frequency rather than price point.

What kind of revenue can I expect?

Specific revenue cannot be predicted or guaranteed, and in general, it largely varies depending on type of accommodation, proximity to area attractions, owner usage during the Peak Season and other factors. Keep in mind that this is a seasonal destination, with revenue during peak season differing from revenue during the off-season.
Vacation rentals, while often producing income requires regular expenses which must be planned for. Our competitive fees ensure your home is managed, properly maintained, and kept in pristine condition for vacationers. LEVR takes care of the entire process, from cleaning after each renter to regular and emergency maintenance, and housekeeping to bill payment. Your home is as important to us as it is to you, and LEVR ensures each maintenance and housekeeping job is done right and within budget. In addition, each maintenance issue is tracked, and will appear on your monthly financial statement, which also shows your exact rental revenue.

What if a guest damages or steals something from my unit?

The housekeeping staff and management perform regular quality control inspections to your unit. If anything is missing or damaged, we will make every attempt to have the guest pay for it. From May through September our main Rental Office is open 24 hours / 7 days a week where each arrival is greeted at check-in, required to sign a registration which reinforces conduct expectations which have been mailed to the guest at the time of booking. Guests arriving after hours during the slower months still receive this information in the mail prior to arrival. In addition, LEVR offers a damage waiver program which provides additional piece of mind to the homeowner.

Who pays for housekeeping?

Housekeeping services for owners and guests of owners are paid for by the owner and billed monthly on the owner's financial statement or paid upon check-in. Housekeeping is included for all paying guests and is NOT billed to the owner.

Who should I contact for more information?

LEVR's Main Rental Office is located at 129 Maple Street in Port Clinton, OH. We maintain a presence at the front desk of the OurGuest Inn & Suites hotel approximately ¼ mile east of the junction of S.R.2 / S.R. 163.

Why am I being charged a maintenance fee?

Even something as simple as replacing light bulbs in rental units takes more time than one might think. Any time a technician visits a home for a maintenance call there is an associated charge for the time involved. Not only is it LEVR's goal to provide excellent service to our property owners but w must provide that same high standard of service to the guest occupying the rental properties. Guest expectations of private rental properties often require routine maintenance. These charges will appear on your statement as regular maintenance calls.

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