Historic Port Clinton

Where is the Ohio River Port Clinton?

Arial3.jpg (31725 bytes)The heart of our business is providing quality dockage and storage facilities for vessels of all types and sizes.

In-water Summer Dockage

We offer a wide range of dockage options at two locations on the Portage River -premium slips at the main marina location and incentive-priced slips at our newly renovated Westdock facility.

  • Our docks range in size from 25' up to 80'.
  • We offer accommodations for larger yachts, up to 150' along our river's edge bulkhead.
  • Both floating and fixed docks are available in the 25' to 45' range.
  • Drive-up and finger piers are available in the 25' to 60' range
  • Transient Slips

    For the cruising mariner we offer daytime, overnight, or extended-stay dockage at either of our facilities. For many years we've provided a stopping place for seaborne adventurers and cruising parties. We can handle any size group and our only request is that you respect the rules of our marina and be courteous to our full-time dockers. Pets are allowed but you must clean up after them.

  • Our current transient rate is $.75/ft per night.
  • 25% discount for stays 7 days and over.
  • Longer stays are pro-rata of our dock rates.
  • Shower and restroom facility, laundery onsite at our main facility.
  • Source: www.brandsmarina.com
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