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Walleye fishing in PA

There are many major lakes and reservoirs found in Pennsylvania that are great for walleye fishing. This species of fish is very popular with anglers everywhere as they can be extremely challenging and their flaky white flesh is very tasty. Normally, the walleye is a cautious species that will stay in deeper water for protection as it makes them feel safer. When fishing for walleye in Pennsylvania you will have the best results if you go between sunset and midnight. This is especially true if you are fishing in the heat of the summer.

There are many places where you can go fishing for walleye in Pennsylvania so you will not have any trouble finding a great place to throw in your line.

Here is a list of lakes and reservoirs located in Pennsylvania where you can find walleyes:
Lake Erie
Pymatuning Lake
Shenango River Lake
Youghiogheny River Lake
Lake Arthur
Blue Marsh Lake
Allegheny Reservoir
High Point Reservoir
Tamarack Lake
Lake Wallenpaupack
Glendale Lake

The walleye record for the state of Pennsylvania was caught in the Allegheny
River where there are many more large walleye just waiting for you. If you are a serious angler looking for an opportunity to catch that trophy fish, the lakes and rivers located in Pennsylvania will provide you with a good chance to do so.

You will find the walleye located mostly in the deep lakes that have sandy or rocky bottoms. They tend to thrive better in the cold water but they can be found in some of the warmer water as well. Like other species the walleye spawn in the spring time so they are more plentiful during this season and easier to find. If possible the walleye will move out of the lake and go to the feeder streams to get ready to spawn. However, not all of the walleye will be able to do this and so the ones that cannot will migrate to the shoals or shallow bars where there are fairly clean bottoms.

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